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XCMG HANVAN Heavy Trucks Debut in Zhengzhou, Henan The launching ceremony of XCMG HANVAN heavy trucks has been held in Zhengzhou City in Henan on 15 August 2015, themed by “Value Blowing and Wind Approaching”. The builder selects this region as the launching area is that it expects to promote brand reputation and influence by means of this traditional Han culture source. Around 400 delegates attended it of dealers, service suppliers, component suppliers, strategic partners, users and media.

In the first half of this year, XCMG gains the year-on-year sales growth of 1.1% up in Jan.-Jun. generally while the domestic heavy truck sales decline over 30%, as the only builder with the positive growth in the industry ranking, in particular, 104.12% for tractors and 30.23% for special vehicles.

HANVAN heavy trucks are the fully new generation of trucks based on the profound requirements of customers, developed for three years into the full range from medium to high end. On the one hand, this model adopts the features of European heavy trucks such as safety and reliability and inherits the light weight of the Japan-style trucks, experiencing various performance tests and the reliability tests for almost 2 million kilometers with the level closing to the world top in safety, economy, smoothness and comforts. XCMG plans to cultivate this model into the mainstream brand of the Chinese heavy truck industry in three to five years.

The suppliers of this builder dispatched the representatives to participate into this activity, expressing their full supporting to the product development and offering one stop after-sales service for XCMG, including Weichai, Fast and Hande.


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