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Beiben Heavy Trucks Favored by Ningbo Logistic Companies The related executives of Ningbo Feida Auto Sales Company came to visit Beiben Group with the delegates from the local logistics enterprises in the accompany of Chen Min, manager of Zhejiang Branch Company of Beiben Marketing Company on 24 Aug.2015. During the observation, they participated into the meeting with the representatives of the builder, learning more of corporate history and products and visited assembly company and auto body company, having full ideas of advanced production equipment and manufacturing skills. 

At the meeting, both parties exchanged opinions and development history of Beiben Group as well as the product advantages have been introduced. And then specific explanations of advantages and features of Beiben port logistics vehicles are closely followed in respect of safety, energy conservation, comforts and power.

They had sincere and active communication around characteristics of Beiben heavy trucks and clients’ requirements. Visitors clearly showed their purchasing intension, profoundly learning more details in configuration and after-sales service and expressing their gratitude for the comprehensive arrangement and warm welcome at the festival atmosphere.


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