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Shanqi New Eco-friendly Trucks Assist Suzhou Metro Construction|: During the national holiday, a grand ceremony was held in Suzhou to mark the delivery of a fleet of Shanqi heavy trucks. As the new batch of environmentally friendly vehicles, these trucks will be used to transport dregs at various construction sites of Suzhou Metro.

According to sources, the new heavy truck model was jointly developed by Shanqi and CIMC Huajun to meet the special needs for the construction of Suzhou Metro. Equipped with Weichai engines, Fast gearboxes, HanDe axles and other spare parts from the golden industrial chain of China's heavy truck industry, the new truck is obviously superior to other truck models of the same type. One of the most eye-catching features of the truck is its Bosch high pressure common rail system + SCR technology, which is able to cut PM2.5 emissions by 85%. Thanks to this, Shanqi's new truck model powered by natural gas can even reduce PM2.5 emissions by 100%. This effectively cuts the emissions of particles and remedies the smoggy weather at its roots.


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