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Lifan Shijun Group Successfully Delivers 25 Fire Trucks On Oct. 10, 25 fire trucks made by Lifan Shijun Group and a batch of state-of-art firefighting equipment were officially delivered to its customer, Diqing Government. The arrival of the fire trucks and firefighting equipment will greatly strengthen the firefighting capacity of the local government.

With a head of delivery of 90 meters and a self-priming altitude of 6.5 meters and a water tank capacity of 6 cubic meters, the fire truck boasts high level of user-friendliness and high reliability. Even at some distance, these trucks can easily reach the source of fire and is able to help firefighters put out fire in a fast manner. According to the local government, the 25 units fire trucks will be distributed to three important temples and 22 towns and villages in Deqin County and Weixi County in Shangrila. With their high flexibility and advanced firefighting equipment, the trucks are now ready to reach the scene when fire emergency occurs.     


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