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New Amphibious Armored Ambulance Starts to Serve the Battleground Independently developed by our military units, the new generation of amphibious armored ambulance was officially listed as military vehicle recently. Equipped with a small emergency clinic, the vehicle is not only able to work on land, but also in waters. Thus, it significantly improves the rescue capacity of our military in the frontline.

Zhou Lin, Director of Surgical Department of China's Third Military Medical University, reveals that the new amphibious armored ambulance is highly agile and flexible to adapt to varied weather and road conditions. It is highly efficient to carry out emergent rescue on the frontline and sustain life for thorough treatment later on.

Equipped with various medicines for emergent rescue and a number of state-of-art medical equipment, such as respiratory machine, monitor, and infusion pump, the vehicle also boasts double-layered stretcher and chairs for patients with vibration absorption functions, which can effectively avoid the secondary injury during the transportation of the injured people. Also worth mentioning is the interior design, temperature control and interior lighting, which create a comfortable recovery environment for patients.

According to some researchers, the vehicle can load eight patients at the maximum apart from the medical workers. The double-layered stretcher, together with the cabin door, can help all patient to get off/on the vehicle within two minutes.   


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