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Fuzhou Introduces Double-heads Firefighting Vehicles Fuzhou Firefighting Brigade recently introduced a new type of fire truck, which will appear during the First China Youth Games. With double heads, the vehicle can be driven in both directions. There are six seats in its two cockpits, To the right side of the driver's seat in major cockpit, there is a fire extinguishing and smoke eliminating apparatus using water mist equipped for suppressing smoke when fire occurs.

With its chassis customer tailored, the fire engine will become part of the Jinxiang Firefighting Brigade, Cangshan, Fuzhou. According to Xiao Jianfeng, an official from the brigade, Fuzhou has a lot of old alleys, which are very narrow streets with residential houses crowding alone. Once fire occurs, a fire engine need to drive in both ways to work efficiently. The vehicle is ideal for firefighting in these neighborhoods and at some special areas such as underground parking lot or narrow tunnels.


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