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Fire Truck of XCMG Wins The Bid of Beijing Fire Fighting Bureau The fire trucks of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd. made another great achievement in November,2015. Six 22-meter fire trucks of XCMG won the procurement of Beijing Fire Fighting Bureau in batch. The total value was approximately 20 million RMB. This is the first time that the fire truck of XCMG marched the market in Beijing in great amounts. It was also great breakthrough in market for fire machinery of XCMG.
The fire truck YT22 purchased by Beijing Fire Fighting Bureau is a new brand multi-functional fire truck which was researched and developed by XCMG. It is specially customized for districts with crowded ancient buildings. This type of fire truck is mainly used to protect the ancient buildings. In recent years, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd.  sets its eyes to the path of specialization, integration, large-scaled and industrialization. Oriented by the demand of customers, researches and develops special vehicles including petrifaction and ancient buildings, etc., increases the modes of truck, promotes the improvement and breakthrough of trucks, and builds a series of product supply chain continuously.


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