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Old And New Jiefang Hanwag Truck Keeps Meat Fresh Zhang Jinshan who lives in Weifang City, Shandong Province, is very familiar with the market of meat and fishery products in the southwest suburb of Beijing. His seven heavy-duty trucks pass the fifth and fourth ring on time in Beijing after 24:00 every night then pass the animal quarantine station and go to the market of meat dishes and fishery products in the southwest suburb, West of Southern Third Circuit, Fengtai District, Beijing. Finally, those trucks deliver the poultry and other processed food including quenelle to this market. Those goods are unloaded before 6:00 in the morning and the trucks leave Beijing before the morning rush hour. Among those trucks that made great contribution are FAW Jiefang Hanwag and new Hanwag, both are favorites of Zhang Jinshan’s.

Zhang Jinshan said that, “My trucks can’t enter the city unless they can meet all the requirements about sanitation and low temperature in the delivery. All of those trucks are loaded with food. They will go bad if there is any problem in the delivery. Then we will also suffer from great loss.” There is much higher demands for truck in the cold chain transportation. Zhang Jianshan especially prefers the Jiefang Hanwag truck to the other trucks which he used in the cold chain transportation over a decade.

Zhang Jinshan chose the new Jiefang Hanwag truck with 320 horsepower in his renewed enlarging truck fleet by the end of 2014. Another new Hanwag heavy-duty truck set its feet on the road of cold chain transportation from Weifang to Beijing in the beginning of 2015.


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