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Benz Truck Chassis AidsFire fighting Liquid Foam Remote Transmitting System On December 15, 2015, the journalists of Chinatrucks Net. obtained news from Cangzhou Fire Fighting Bureau Branch that, the first fire fighting liquid foam remote transmitting system equipped with Benz truck imported chassis in China has been used in Cangzhou Fire Fighting Bureau Branch. This system was purchased with the special fund of 12 million RMB supported by Cangzhou government.

It is known that this fire fighting liquid foam remote transmitting system, comprised of one foam transmitting truck and one foam distributing truck, can collect bottled fire fighting liquid foam stored in large amount quickly, transmit it in long distance and continuously distribute it automatically. The system can continuously transmit the fire fighting liquid foam in 1,100 L/Min to fire-stricken site which beyond 500 meters in fire fighting. Meanwhile, it can support the fire fighting liquid foam to several fire trucks to guarantee the extinguishers’ continuous demand of fire fighting liquid foam at fire-stricken site.

The petrochemical fires extinguishing and aiding tasks is arduous in Cangzhou City which is the petrochemical base in China. The working of this fire fighting liquid foam remote transmitting system will, to great extent, enhance the ability of extinguishing big petrochemical fires in Cangzhou City and improve the fire fighting troops’ performance in coping with petrochemical fires. Moreover, this system can promote the fire fighting truck fleet for petrochemical fires extinguishing and aiding in Cangzhou City to transfer to compound type from unitary type by cooperating with remote water supplying system.


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