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Sinotruk HOWO Mining-using Dump Truck Hot sales in Huolinhe City Sinotruk Tongliao Subsidiary and Tongliao Yutai Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. held core users symposium of sinotruk in Huolinhe City recently. The users attended this symposium exceeded 100 persons, among them are almost all the important customers. Sinotruk procured an order of 30 sets with an potential order of 70 sets.

Sinotruk Tongliao Subsidiary made a detailed introduction about Sinotruk and its trucks, and delivered the blessing speech of 2016 in the symposium. Sinotruk developed its own mining-using dump truck market in Huolinhe mining area for the high reliability of HOWO dump truck and superior satisfaction from customers in 2015. The bosses of many mining areas are highly trust in Sinotruk dump trucks with the rolling out of “Intelligent Sinotruk” and Sinotruk’s outstanding performance in mining areas in recent years.

Several customers shared their using experience. One of the users said, “We can use Sinotruk HOWO dump truck with ease. Besides, it can save us much trouble. While it can bring us great benefits. We feel much more confident to complete our mining tasks in 2016 with its considerate after-sales service”.


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