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Sinotruk Gained An Order of 150 HOWO Dump Truck And 100 Sets Delivered The first batch of 100 Sinotruk HOWO dump truck ordered by Yunan Xinda Trading Co., Ltd. arrived at Dali City, Yunnan Province on New Year's Day of 2016. Those trucks will be used on mining transportation in Beiya Gold Mine.

Dali Beiya Gold Mine is the most active working site in Western Yunnan. The utmost trucks being used reaches 600 sets including trucks of various brands. The quality of trucks of different brands were distinguished during the usage. Sinotruk HOWO dump truck won high reliability from customers for its great power, low malfunction rate and high attendance rate.

This batch of trucks is a part of the order of a construction company in Yunan Province. The construction company is mainly responsible for the mining stripping work of Dali Beiya Gold Mine. The construction company decided to uniform all its truck brands into solo one for the standardization and easier management of trucks in the end of 2015. Sinotruk HOWO engineering dump truck became the compulsory tuck of this company for its high quality, professional and considerate service as well as good reputation. The company procured 150 HOWO dump trucks, among which 100 sets were delivered. And the rest trucks will be delivered to the customer recently.


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