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Chenglong H7 Yuchai 6K & Weichai WP13 Rolled Out Chenglong H7 Weichai 6K and Chenglong H7 Weichai WP13 debuted on Dongfeng Liuqi 2016 Commercial Vehicle Promotional Conference. Yuchai 6K and Weichai WP13 provide more options on engine for truck users.

Improvement in core power
Chenglong H7 made another big pace on the path of high-end heavy-duty truck of big horsepower after equipped with Yuchai 6K and Weichai WP13 engines.

Weichai 6K engine equipped on Chenglong H7 truck is a high-performance engine which was developed by AVL designing group with Yuchai Power’s rich developing experience and global supreme accessories under the using circumstance in China. The AVL designing group designed Benz DD13/15 engines. The newest Top-Down Cooling cooling technology, to great extent, lowers the temperature sensitivity and material mechanical strength thermal degradation of core parts, such as the cylinder cover of engine. The rigidity of truck, combustion and the working performance under various temperature are effectively improved. And the durability of engine thus can be guaranteed. The biggest torque of engine is 2,200Nm with economical rotation speed of 1,000—1,500rpm. Low rotation speed and big torque brings excellent starting acceleration and slope-climbing performance to Chenglong H7 truck. Thus high-efficiency operation for truck users can be realized. The fuel-saving technology, such as electromagnetic clutch fan, can reduce unnecessary power loss when engine is operated at high power, and further save the fuel for users.

The torque of Weichai WP13.480 engine equipped on Chenglong H7 is 2,400Nm with faster acceleration and better slope-climbing performance. The frame engine body and dry cylinder liner can bear heavier loading. Uni-cylinder four-valve bump loss less power. The Weichai fuel-combustion water cooler can displace fuel in the bump automatically. The engine can be started without auxiliary measures at -15℃ and started at -40℃ with pre-heating. Weichai WEVB security braking system shortens the braking distance with safe and high-efficiency braking. The valuable power chain combination of 480 horsepower with Fast aluminum alloy transmission and small speed-ratio rear axle brings truck users driving experience of fast starting and excellent slope-climbing performance.

High quality embodies high-end appearance

Chenglong H7 truck also has delicate appearance in the fierce competition of appearance of trucks. Brand new charming appearance, spacious room, technological internal trimmings, car-level low noise, four-pivots suspension cockpit and luxurious air-bag chair contribute to the comfortable driving experience of Chenglong H7 which was designed by the renowned designer Marc Deschamps in France.

Reliable light duty design is the essential element of high-efficiency logistics transportation truck. Chenglong H7 truck was designed with 282 uni-layer frame. And the cross beam, designed according to western advanced light-duty design art, can effectively control its self weight and guarantee its excellent loading capacity.
Dragon-bone framed cockpit, WABCO ABS and key valves, front axle disc brake, automatic adjustable arm and high-efficiency braking system of engine guarantee the high safety of Chenglong H7 truck.

Chenglong H7, as the new-generation high-efficiency truck, plays an important role in the strategic development of Dongfeng Liuqi. Brand new cockpit and chassis made great contribution to the improvement of Chenglong H7 truck. Besides, the perfect match of both Yuchai and Weichai power assembly further enhance the core competitive advantage of Chenglong H7 truck and realized the overall power layout of Chenglong H7 truck.


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