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Shaanqi Delong X3000 Sold in Tibet and 50 Sets Ordered The Tibet program group of Shaanqi held the on-sale conference of Shaanqi Delong X3000 Golden truck in Holy City Lhasa on snow - covered plateau on January, 20, 2016. About 200 persons including the members of Golden truck chain in Tibet, salesmen and service men in various districts, the leaders of users in all villages and towns, and important customers attended the exciting on-sale conference of Shaanqi Delong X3000 Golden truck.

Hao Dayong, the manager of Shaanqi program group in Tibet set the Shaanqi X3000 Golden truck as high-end one on the conference. The representatives of industrial chain including Weichai Power and Fast, etc. also put that they will provide support for the sales and after-sales service of Shaanqi X3000 Golden truck with all efforts. The members of Golden truck chain, representatives of distribution channels and important customers unveiled the curtain for X3000 Golden truck together. The start-up of crystal ball marked that the X3000 Golden truck is on sale in Tibet.

The trial driving of X3000 of truck users in Tibet exceeded 3 hours and won great favors. The sales manager declared the preferential polices about purchasing X3000 Golden truck and brought about the snap up during the banquet. And the orders of 16 X3000 and 4 F3000 dump trucks pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Mr. Hao, the manager of the program group delivered the golden key which symbols fortune to truck users.

The Shaanqi program group in Tibet took the advantage of on-sale and signed an order of 30 X3000 Super-strong tractor with one of local important customer except the order of 20 X3000 trucks signed on the site. It hit the peak of orders signed on the conference held in Tibet. Besides, 30 potential customers were developed with potential orders of 20 sets and many truck users are awaiting the on-sale of next batch of X3000 trucks. The sign of this batch of orders will open a new era for Shaanqi in Tibet.


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