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Xichai CA6DLD Diesel Engine Passes Europe V Emission Certification Test Xichai CA6DLD diesel engine passed the Europe V certification test and was awarded the Vehicle Certificate of British Transportation Department recently.

CA6DLD diesel engine is the main one which exported to high-end heavy-duty truck market, such as Chile, by Xichai Group. The overseas marketing department of its sales company invited the certification specialists of Vehicle Certification Bureau VCA of British Transportation Department to the laboratory rooms of Xichai engines to carry out the Europe V certification test in December, 2015. The Vehicle Certification Bureau VCA of British Transportation Department awarded the Europe V Emission Certificate to Xichai Group.

Entering overseas market is the important tasks of Xichai’s 13th Five-year Plan. It is necessary to promote the high-end Xichai Aowei diesel engine in overseas market to display the high-end image of Xichai “Power Supermarket” to overseas customers. Xichai Group promotes various kinds of high-end engines to overseas market steadily to realize the exporting strategy of “Exporting High-end Engines, Set Up High-end Brand” which was put forwarded by the leaders in its factory.


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