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Wuzheng Self-loading-and-dump Garbage Truck About 50 special-purposed masterpieces of Wuzheng Group debut on 2016 Wuzheng Promotional Commercial Annual Conference. Those trucks depicted the product performance and research & development level of Wuzheng Group.

All series of environmental sanitation trucks on this commercial annual conference attracted great attention of most people. The displayed trucks including the garbage collector transportation trucks, such as self-loading and self-dump garbage truck, compression garbage truck, swept-body garbage truck, detachable-van garbage truck, etc. ; compression devices; the irrigation-type trucks, such as watering cart, suction sewage truck, etc. ; the collector devices, such as garbage can, hook arm box , etc.; mobile bee-keeper, truck crane and truck crane, etc.. The electrical environmental sanitation truck which was rolled out to respond to the national policies debut on the commercial annual conference for the first time. This environmental sanitation truck is equipped with big-capacity batteries with long continuous driving mileage. It is designed with advanced electrical controlling technology in China. Its performance in market will also be superior.


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