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FAW Xichai Help JAC Gallop to Enlarge Market in Lanling FAW Xichai and Shandong Luyun Industry Co. Ltd. jointly held the promotional conference of JAC motors and Xichai Hengwei diesel engine in Linyi Lanling Hotel on January, 26, 2016. Lanling County is famous for rich in vegetables, and it has renowned nickname of “Shanghai Vegetable basket” and “South Shandong Vegetable Garden”, etc.. Lanling County is a county where the logistics transportation are largely gathered. There are great amounts of cargo trucks and tractors in Lanling market, and cargo trucks and tractors are quickly renewed. The competition of enlarging market in Lanling County between various truck brands is very fierce.

JAC Gallop K6 4x2 cargo truck is a classic truck which is specially designed to meet the demand of vegetable transportation users in Linyi City. It is equipped with JAC Gallop newest cockpit, brand new appearance and Xichai Hengwei CA6DF-18E4 diesel engine. The power of Xichai Hengwei diesel engine covers 130-290 horsepower. Xichai Hengwei diesel engine is the main engine for medium and heavy-duty cargo trucks. Big improvements has been made in reliability and adaptability of Xichai Hengwei diesel engine, and unique characteristics including steady and reliable quality, durable; high adaptability by absorbing advanced technology; conform to strict craftsmanship to produce high-quality products; considerate service, adequate storage of spare parts, etc. has been formed.

Xichai Hengwei diesel engine has made great achievements in market for its superior quality and excellent performance. The characteristics of “Durable quality, Convenient adaptability” has become well known among customers, and formed wide and further brand effect. The characteristics of “Considerate service, Adequate spare parts” has become important tool of enlarging market for Xichai Hengwei. 10 JAC Gallop K6 cargo truck equipped with Xichai CA6DF4-18F4 diesel engine were ordered on site.


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