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EMPL PRIMUS Urban Main Fire Fighting Truck Popular in Europe EMPL Special Purpose Vehicle Co. Ltd. in Austria delivered several batches of newly researched and developed PRIMUS urban fir fighting trucks to fire brigades of some countries in Europe in the very beginning of 2016. The military quality, advanced design ideas and practicability of EMPL has been affirmed by fire brigades in Europe.

This truck is the PRIMUS urban main fire fighting truck which is equipped with MAN fire fighting chassis. It can hold several persons. And the cargo holds various devices used in rescuing. It was delivered to Zaya Fire Brigade in Austria recently.

The following truck is the PRIMUS urban main fire fighting truck which is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis exclusively used for fire fighting. It can also hold several persons and carious kinds of rescuing devices. It was delivered to Shaw M Lage Fire Brigade in Germany.

PRIMUS of Different painting with the Same Benz Chassis.

The following batch of yellow PRIMUS fire fighting truck will be delivered to Middle East. Other areas in the world also give high affirmation to the quality of EMPL besides Europe and they has been the good partners of EMPL.

PRIMUS means ‘first’ in English. The name “PRIMUS” for he brand new EMPL urban main fire fighting truck depicts our confidence about this truck. Its new model and rough moving appearance makes it different from the other fire fighting trucks.

The exclusive design displayed the basic values of EMPLE including reliability, functions, high efficiency, uniqueness, durability and safeness.


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