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Apricot Yellow Volvo FH500 Tractor Delivers to China Two apricot yellow Volvo FH500 tractors were delivered to China before the 2016 Spring Festival.

The drivers who like yellow truck has active characteristics according to research. Yellow is generally used on engineering trucks in Chinese truck market, while it is scarcely used on trucks used for logistics transportation on road. The yellow trucks are more shinning and more attractive in truck fleet compared with red trucks. Different colors will make people feel that the same size will produce different space. For example, yellow makes people feel that the space is bigger and it has good expansion property. It is called expansionary color. The yellow trucks are the least ones among those trucks in traffic accidents according to statistics. So the expansionary color is helpful to the safety of driving.

Those two apricot yellow Volvo FH500 tractors are equipped with high-end apparatus. They are equipped with ACC judged from the small dark wad in the middle of front bumper. Besides, they are also equipped with the dynamic steering xenon lamp, lane keeping system plus fatigue detection system, and ESP, etc.. This, at great extent, improved the safety level of the whole truck. American aluminum hubs and side-skirt board again enhance the appearance of FH tractors, and made it became the highlight of people’s attention.

The FH500 tractor is equipped with D13 upright 6-cylinder diesel engine with the maximum output power of 500 horsepower and the maximum torque of 2,500 N•m. The small speed-ratio real axle which was rolled out and aimed at express delivery market made the best economy speed among 83.3—100Km/h. Those high-end apparatus made many truck users in express delivery industry feel excited and Volvo truck the biggest winner in imported logistics transportation trucks market in recent years.

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