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Sales of Wuzheng Sanitation Truck Has a Good Start The continuous good news of Wuzheng promotional activity added deep exciting atmosphere for the city in festival before the Spring Festival finished in the year of Monkey. The dispatching site of Wuzheng sanitation truck showed busy scene on February, 16, 2016. 30 Wuzheng sanitation trucks were decorated with flowers and driven out of works in fireworks. This batch of trucks will delivered to Henan Province and make contribution to the environmental sanitation construction. This marked that Wuzheng sanitation truck had a good start.

It is said that this was the first batch of 10-m3 push-plate dump sanitation trucks ordered by a cleaning company in Henan Province before the Spring Festival. There were more than 10 manufacturers want to win this bid. Wuzheng won the bid finally for its high quality and excellent performance. This company will order another over 300 trucks.

Wuzheng push-plate dump sanitation truck has great advantages. The painting processing skills of electrophoretic primer plus surface paint was firstly used on the van body in China. The van body has great corrosion resistance ability and excellent anti-aging performance. The inbuilt hydraulic push plate can compress the garbage, so the loading capacity of garbage is 2-3 times of ordinary sanitation trucks. The garbage can limited turnover protective device is installed on the top of van body. The protective device can reduce the damage caused by the overturn of the garbage can while guarantee that the garbage can can tip trash at big tilting angle.

Wuzheng sanitation trucks has all of the functions including the collection, transferring and compressing of garbage. The collecting devices including 240 liter steel garbage can, dustbin of 3 m3, 5 m3 and 8 m3. The transferring trucks including self-loading and self-dumping truck, hook-arm truck, swinging-arm truck, dump truck and rear-loading compression sanitation truck. The garbage transferring & processing device including mobile compression station, fixed horizontal compression station and upright compression station. Wuzheng garbage transferring van is designed with unique patent technology. The revolutionary innovation made on transferring van can radically prevent the spilling of polluted liquid during the process of garbage transferring. It became the first successful example in the truck industry. Besides, Wuzheng Group also has other series of trucks including urban road-cleaning and dust-suppression trucks, such as high-pressure sewer flushing truck, sprinkler truck, dust-suppression truck; suction -type sewer scavenger, kitchen truck, animal harmless treatment collection truck and mobile bee-keeper, etc.. The sanitation device industry has become the highlight of Wuzheng Group whose products are sold to 22 provinces, 106 cities, counties and districts. Moreover, its production volume and sales volume of main selling products ranked the first place in China in 2015.


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