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XCMG XDA40 Articulated Truck Rolled off Production Line XCMG XDA40 articulated dump truck was rolled off production line successfully in February, 2016. This king of dump truck was designed by business division according to the production structure and developing plan on the basis of the demand of Southeast Asian mineral resources exploitation project. It has great power and low energy consumption. And its main parts are conforms to international standards. Besides, it was deliberately researched and designed in working performance, reliability and the quality of appearance, etc..

The Trago slag truck is designed with controlling strategies of speed difference between wheels and speed differences between axes, as well as A suspension application, which make the slope-climbing with full load bigger than 45%, and its slow-driving performance in long slope, the performance of the whole truck, stability and reliability reach the advanced level in the world. Moreover, it is equipped with new-generation intelligent electricity-controlling system and environmental-friendly, safe om-board diagnostic system, which is convenient to record the failure message of truck and reduce the repairing time of truck. The business division sticks to the orientation of market, focusing on the demand of truck users, continuously improving the modes of mining trucks, and strengthening the cooperation with high-end customers under the new normal of low-profile operation of mechanical engineering industry. It laid solid technological and production foundation for the further development of mining market.


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