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The Analysis of the Advantages of Sinotruk HOWO Light-duty Aerial Platform Truck

Engineering machinery industry encounters its “winter” and the market is sluggish as the effect of the whole economic circumstance and the downward of the whole market. Sinotruk HOWO light-duty aerial platform truck can meet the demand of customers to follow the trend of global product market at the requirement of “Multiple kinds, Multiple configurations, Small batches” under the current international circumstances.

1. High Height

The amount of high buildings in China is greatly increasing with the continuous development of urbanization level. The working height of HOWO light-duty aerial platform truck can reach 30 meters, which can meet the demand of high working height.

2. High Safety Level

The HOWO light-duty aerial platform truck is equipped with safety guarding system. The safety guarding system will start to stop the working and guard for the safety of workers when the angel of the escalator handle is within 60° and —60°, the escalator handle is beyond 20 meters, or the truck is overloaded.

3. Excellent Interactivity between Person and Truck

The width of the working platform reaches 3 meters and the loading capacity reaches 300 KM. Besides, the 360° rotation guarantee that there is no dead zone in working. The lateral sides of the truck are equipped with controlling pole with random operation to avoid the backwards and forwards.

4. Intelligent

The whole truck can be remote controlled with fire-lighting switch. The effective remote controlling range is 50 meters. The working displaying screen can display the extending and contracting length of the working arm and the working ranges in real time.

5. The Leasing Business Promotes the Development of Aerial Platform Truck

   The aerial platform truck is encountering another demand peak which may last for several years. The housing building in America promotes the demand again. While the leasing business is the ‘catalyst’ for the development of aerial platform truck.

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