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Sinotruk HOWO Light-duty Small-capacity Mixer Trucks Delivered Shandong Dongyue Sinotruk Light-duty mixer trucks passed the test and delivered to customers on February, 24, 2016. Dongyue adjusted its previous product structure and rolled out the small-capacity mixer trucks which meet the new national regulations with the public mode of SDZ5167GJB38 after China put forward new regulations about mixer trucks at the beginning of 2015.

This batch of small-capacity mixer trucks are equipped with ZZ1167G381CD1 chassis of Sinotruk HOWO light-duty trucks. The appearance of the cockpit is striking and robust, and the internal space is spacious and comfortable. The truck body is manufactured with European technology and craftsmanship to ensure the safety of the cockpit. This kind of mixer truck is equipped with Shandong Dongyue high-quality mixer truck devices and China closed type hydraulic system of Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. The cylinder body and the lamina is made of international advanced high-strength steel plate. It is abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant. The cylinder body is designed with three-dimensional optimization manner, so the structure is more reasonable. The production is automated welding assembly line working. The flame plating is low-temperature stoving varnish craftsmanship to guarantee the appearance and internal quality of paint.

Small-capacity mixer trucks has many advantages compared with bid-capacity mixer trucks. On one aspect, the small-capacity mixer truck has narrower truck body, shorter wheel base and smaller turning radius. So it is more flexible. Besides, it has great advantages in special on-site  working situations of limited height and limited width. On the other aspect, the driving of small-capacity mixer truck is more safe. The maintenance cost of truck, the repairing cost and the human labor cost is lower, and the cost effectiveness is higher.

HOWO light-duty small-capacity mixer truck integrates energy saving with environmental protection and high efficiency. This kind of mixer truck will definitely bring better value experience to truck users.


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