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The First “Gun Barrel” Dust Resisting Truck in Zhangqiu CIty Starts Work “Look, what is that kind of truck?”This kind of environmental sanitation ‘New Weapon’ having functions of mist spraying, dust falling and dust resistant, etc. attracted great attention of citizens who passed by it after its debut.

Shu Duanying, the captain of city environmental sanitation center vehicle sweeping group, said, “We will especially spray mist to make dust fall in the rounding areas of construction site and the areas where dust is centered in daily working. The sprayed mist can effectively stick with dust granules in the air. The effect of dust falling is very good.

The oriental working distance of “Wind Tube” in mist praying and dust falling can reach 60 meters. The mist spraying range is wide and the dust resisting effect is better. It also has good effect in bad weathers, such as haze.

The considerate Sinotruk service group provided one-week training for the two drivers and two maintaining staffs of the city environmental sanitation center. The training content includes all of the work of truck working and truck maintaining. This guarantees the effective implementation of standardized and normal working.

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