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Foton Explores the New Development of Logistics Industry in Local NPC & CPPCC The local NPC & CPPCC have shown their enthusiasm of putting forward their proposals about political issues when the central NPC & CPPCC were just started. The development of logistics industry has attracted great attention in NPC & CPPCC. How the logistics industry get profound development with the transformation of economy in 2016? This is the thing which attracted the most attention of those who working in the logistics industry. Today Foton Motors will brings you to explore the ideas of representatives from various places and test the new development directions of logistics industry in 2016.

Shandong Province: Build “Logistics Information Platform in Provincial City Circles”

The developing tendency of “Internet Plus Logistics Industry” will be widespread in the Information Age.

The ideas of “China Made 2025” and “Internet Plus” was firstly put forward in the report on the work of the government last year. Chinese government requires that further breakthrough should be made on “China Made Plus Internet” this year. The Chinese micro policies point directions for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries including truck industry. Various truck enterprises started the fastening melting mode of traditional manufacturing industries and information industries. The medium and heavy-duty truck enterprises not only applied truck internet on important new trucks, but also made future-oriented development plan for their products.

Foton Motors, the biggest commercial truck enterprise in the world, actively lead the trend of “Internet Plus” and set the example for the industry. Foton Motors put forward the idea of Internet Super Truck which astonished the industry, and some medium and heavy-duty trucks of Internet Super Truck debut during the truck expo in Guangzhou City at the beginning of this year. The advantages of Foton “Internet Super Truck” lie in that it applies intelligent truck and intelligent logistics on the designing concept and product of “Internet Super Truck”. This will produce unprecedented impact on the manufacturing of the trucks and logistics delivery.

Shandong Province: the platform of “Online Finance of Supply Chain” required to get further development

The enterprise who can provide the financial products and financial service can be the leader in market of logistics industry in the future.

The vitality of supply chain finance, a kind of new financial business mode, becomes more and more strong. The supply chain finance has become the “blood” of global economic trading activity in recent years. Banks can break through the traditional credit debt ideas and modes, penetrate into the entity economy further and further, promote the tradings between core enterprises and upstream-and-downstream enterprises in the industry, further enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain by providing services of supply chain finance. The prosperity of supply chain finance also provides new business developing field for various logistics enterprises.

Foton Motors, the leading enterprise of commercial trucks, has been cooperating with Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. On supply chain finance since 2012. It became the first enterprise who are specialized in supply chain finance in logistics industry. Foton Motors will made more active exploration and innovation with the further business development of supply chain finance.

Hainan Province: build new supply chain mode for agricultural products cold chain logistics delivery to guarantee the fluency of fresh food transportation Cold chain logistics delivery is increasingly thriving in recent years. Cold chain delivery is improving gradually with the enhancing of living standards. Guarantee the safety and high quality of food is the demand of people. Delivery of products with temperature-controlled trucks is the important chain of cold chain logistics delivery. The market of temperature-controlled trucks is also become another developing opportunity of commercial truck enterprises.

Foton Motors, the commercial truck brand who ranks first in China, has formed its complete all series of cold chain logistics delivery trucks from Hyundai Yuling, Hyundai, Aumark to Foton Auman ETX and temperature-controlled trucks of Foton commercial trucks. Undoubtedly, Foton Motors will become a constructive promoter in the upgrading of temperature-controlled truck market.

Fourteen provinces in China put forward the application of Free Trade Area in their report on the work of government and other over ten provinces put forward the developing of trans-nation E-commerce with great efforts by making use of the strategy of “One Band and One Road” in 2016 till now. Various provinces show their great enthusiasm in construction of Free Trade Area.

Many industries including cement, iron and steel, coal, etc. will be revived for the increasing of investment according to the investing engineering programs declared in national and local governments of “One Band and One Road” in the fourth quarter of last year. It is estimated that the promoting effect on heavy-duty truck industry will start in the second quarter this year. It is possible that the dump truck market will revive from the last half of this year. The consecutive starting of some engineering programs in some cities will have an positive effect on the growing of dump trucks, engineering trucks and slag trucks in market.

Besides, the development of “One Band and One Road”, one of China Dreams will also promote the export of engineering dump trucks. Multilateral economy and trading promoted by “One Band and One Road” will contribute to the development of logistics delivery around the railways and ports, and increasing of logistics delivery trucks.

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