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121 Chenglong H7 Yuchai 6K Trucks Ordered in Qinzhou On-sale Release Conference Good news that 121 trucks were ordered was send out from the Qinzhou on-sale release conference of Chenglong H7 Yuchai 6K truck held on March, 9th, 2016. Is the continuous bid orders coincidence or certainty?

Powerful Engine Creates Strong power

It is the mainstream trend that Chenglong H7 truck equips Yuchai 6K460 as its mainstream engine. This not only meed the customers’ demand that pursuing fashionable surface of trucks, but also, to great extent, improved the timeliness and economy performance of transportation.

Yuchai 6K460 engine has great power output of 460 horsepower with the biggest torque of 2,200 NM and the economical rpm of 1,000—1,500. Low rpm and big torque bring Chenglong H7 excellent acceleration in starting and slope-climbing ability, further brings customers high-efficiency operation experience. And it is matched with 12-gear transmission and small speed ratio driving rear-axle. The combination of great power, direct gears and small speed ratio makes the power greater, and improves the transporting efficiency, as well as saves more fuel.

Breakthrough in Technology to Meet New Demand

The reason that Chenglong H7 truck is so popular is not only lies in its spacious, comfortable cockpit, and reliable great power. The application of many new technologies which required by the demands in market on this brand new truck makes great contribution to the big orders of Chenglong H7 trucks. Those new technologies includes car-lever low noise dragon-bone frame structure cockpit, four-pivots suspension plus four-dimensional air-adjusting airbag chair, the ABS and key valves of WABCO on the positive safety, the front axle disk braking, automatic adjusting arm and Jacob high-efficiency engine braking system, etc.. Chenglong H7 truck shows that it not only pursue new technologies with great persistence, but also continuously explore the demands of customers.

Intelligent Logistics Transportation Explores Unknown Market

The innovation in information platform promotes the reform of enterprise and the development of transportation industry. Chenglong H7 truck achieves the remote monitoring management from time to time bringing in “Chenglong V+” truck internet service system. It improves the transportation efficiency and attendance rate by collecting and managing the information about goods, truck, driver and road. It can enhance the management of truck fleet, makes the operation of trucks in the after-sales market more professional, systematic and intelligent by providing service and maintenance in certain period, as well as remote-monitor the goods to guarantee its safety. Truck users can completely experience the intelligence and convenience. Besides, the economy performance of the truck unit is improved at the same time.


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