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New Special-purpose Trucks Produced in 2015 First Automated Loading and Unloading Intelligent Sanitation Truck in China

Manufacturing Enterprise:Yongzhuang Group Co., Ltd.(thereafter shorted as Yongzhuang Group)

Release Time:August, 2015

Nowadays, special-purpose trucks has been developing towards intelligent manufacturing. It is the same case with special-purpose trucks in the industry of sanitation truck. Yongzhuang Group successfully manufactured the first automated loading and unloading sanitation truck in China in August, 2015. This kind of sanitation truck can be operated by one person. Its automated telescopic loading arm can deliver the dust bin to the original place after dumping the garbage. Besides, the truck is also equipped with compression system and cleaning system, etc., which improve the efficiency of sanitation work, reduce the working strength of workers. Moreover, many advanced technologies including van compression system, automated loading and unloading of dust bin and leaking-resistant, etc. filled the blank of related fields in China.

Global First Internet Security Truck
Manufacturing Enterprise:Henan Xuhe Motors Co., Ltd.(thereafter shorted as Xuhe Motors)
Release Time:September, 2015
Xuhe Motors rolled out the first internet security truck worldwide at the 2015 Chinese Internet Security Conference themed “Data Drives Security” on September, 29th, 2015. It becomes the first internet security science-popularized mobile base for teenagers in China.
The biggest highlight of this truck is that it integrates holographic body feeling, AR interactivity, VR virtual reality, 4D body feeling, big data visualization, artificial intelligence, speech recognition. Besides, it combines ultra-cool technology and internet security knowledge and technology, teaching and amusement.

The First Environmental Friendly Excavating Suction Truck in China
Manufacturing Enterprise:Haishan Machinery Ltd.(thereafter shorted as Haishan Machinery)
Release Time:September, 2015
This excavating suction truck manufactured by Haishan Machinery can safely work in combustive and explosive as well as chemicals polluted circumstances. It can effectively clean and safely transport the hazardous goods, to greatest extent, reduce the working staffs at the rescuing site and lower the working strength, greatly improve the rescuing efficiency, as well as provide reliable safety insurance for working staffs at the rescuing site. Thus its debut attracted great attention in the rescuing task at Tianjin Port.

Dual-hollow Double-layer Cola-transportation Semi-trailer Truck
Manufacturing Enterprise:Yangzhou CIMC Tonghua Special-purpose Co., Ltd.(thereafter shorted as CIMC Tonghua)
Release Time:September, 2015
New dual-hollow double-layer Cola-transportation semi-trailer trucks manufactured by CIMC Tonghua was rolled off the production line successfully in September, 2015. And those trucks were exported as the plan.

This kind of truck is another lateral-curtain semi-trailer one produced by CIMC Tonghua. The truck frame is dual-hollow structure. The bottom of the truck frame is ultra-low frame structure. The distance from the ground of the loading interface is only 500mm. The middle of it is dual platform structure. There are 16 isolated warehouses in the van. They can guarantee that the goods can be loaded safely and reliably. This truck can load 32 standardized pallets with size of 1.2X1.1m. This amount exceeds 26 pallets of ordinary semi-trailer trucks.

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