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Higer Dragonway Pickup Helps You Realize Your Dream Dragonway pickup has several series includes standardized version, classic version and van truck, etc.. It has been favored by customers since its on-sale in market.

It is said that Dragonway pickup has three exclusive advantages including “Fashionable, Safe, Big Loading Capacity”. Its appearance is robust. The size of the truck is 5585x1720x1790mm. It has the style of American big pickup. Dragonway pickup attracts great attention no matter where it is for its striking colors, dynamic surface and dual-color internal trimmings. The truck is made of high-strength steel and the thickness can reach 2mm. The truck body is unparalleled for its 360°high-strength truck body and international standard cathodic electrode-position. The standardized version is equipped with SABS, the classic version is equipped with ABS plus EBD, and other safety devices including adjustable steering wheel, overspeed alarming and automatic locking, etc.. Besides, it passed the National Security Crash Test in four directions including front side, lateral side, the bottom and the roof. Moreover, several positive and passive security controlling system make its stability, operation performance, safety and durability are superior in the truck Industry. What’s more, it is equipped with classic engines, such as ISUZU,  Mitsubishi and Toyota. This makes it has excellent performance and low fuel consumption. And it passed the quality test of The Paris Dakar Rally. Its working circumstance covers various road conditions. Its ultra-long wheelbase of 3.38m breaks through the limitation of room. The loading chassis of passenger car level makes the loading more reliable. And the big van of 1.835m in China can load more goods. This makes you easier to make money.

Dragonway standardized truck wins high favor from individual merchant and farming and animal husbandry practitioner for its reasonable price and high utility. The excellent passing performance of Dragonway standardized truck can adapt to various complicated road conditions including rugged mountainous road, vast grassland and narrow roads in towns and villages. It is equipped with ultra-bid van. It is suitable for commercial usage or family usage for its low fuel consumption and great power. It is a good assistant for you to make money.

Dragon classic truck is equipped with  Mitsubishi chassis, famous engine in China, ABS plus EBD, the minimum distance from ground of 200mm and brand new rear van, etc. after the upgrading of apparatus. It can meet your higher demand of truck. It can not only be used in commercial but also in family, as well as off road. It is believed that more people who loves pickup can enjoy the driving experience of Dragonway which is as comfortable as SUV after the implementation of lifting of forbidden policies in four provinces in China. Besides, the Dragonway truck is more practical than SUV. It will be a striking scenery when you drive it and pass through towns and villages.
Suzhou Kinglong rolled out the first AT/AMT pickup in China in 2015. The driving is easier. It created new driving experience of pickup. Dragonway AT/AMT truck completely changed the image of pickup as a tool. It makes pickup can follow the trend and not inferior than car and SUV. Besides, it let the owners and drivers of pickup can enjoy the superior feeling. Moreover, the cool official refit kits can meet your customized demand.

Dragonway spared no efforts to improve the utility of its pickup. The new sea food transportation pickup which is rolled out this year is the excellent assistant for people who are specialized in transporting the sea food in offshore cities. The ordinary pickup need to be installed with various external protective devices for it is not anti-corrosion for sea water. While this has a negative effect on the safety level and stability of the pickup. The exclusive devices including official stainless steel rear van and hyperbaric oxygenation device for Dragonway sea food transportation pickup can save the expensive installation fee for you and free you from the trouble of low safety level. You will feel more ease during the transportation of sea food.

Dragonway pickup can also be used as a car. It not only has the high comfort level of car, but also has the great power of off-road car, excellent performance of loading and adjusting to complicated road conditions. It is believed that Higer Dragonway pickup can help you in achieving success with the support of the policies in China.


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