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Sinotruk Launches Truck Services in Uganda Chinese National Heavy Duty Truck Company also known as Sinotruk have decided to invest in Uganda and will be supplying a wide range of heavy- duty truck, middle, light trucks and buses beginning this year. Sinotruck is the third largest truck manufacturing company in China with bases in countries around Europe, North America, South Americas as well as Africa.

Sinotruk Launches Truck Services in Uganda
Agriculture is the back bone of Uganda’s economy and so the introduction of these heavy trucks will further help to boost supply hence more sales and revenue. This will also strengthen the growing ties between Uganda and China who have been doing multiple projects in Uganda & East Africa as a whole. These heavy to light trucks will enable farmers produce and supply faster which will increase sales and also ensure goods are transported safely to and from the farms.
This is really good news for Uganda’s agricultural sector as it will help address the problem of poor transportation. These trucks are customized to operate even on the toughest terrain and weather conditions plus farmers will be able to purchase them at a low price since they won’t be required to pay import tax covered by Sinotruk Company who also have big plans to set up a manufacturing company in Uganda in the near future.


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