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Sinotruck: Improving Quality to Break into the Global Market Recently, SINOTRUK speeds up shifting from 'old' to 'new' power and sees sales rising after improving quality through advanced technology and deepening in international market. At the recent Auto Shanghai 2017, Sinotruck brings 7 vehicles on display, which embodies the high-end technologies made by Sinotruck in several fields and attracts much attention from potential purchasers at home and aboard. Heavy trucks of SINOTRUK not only meet customers’ high requirement for running 1,500 kilometers per day, but also have a long service life of 1.5 million kilometers. 
SINOTRUK: Improving Quality to Breaking into the Global Market
Vice General Manager of SINOTRUK Liu Peimin says that only 10 in 100 vehicles can open its cylinder cover after running 1.5 million kilometers while the rest can continue to work. It has been regarded as a top technology, no matter where it comes from, Europe or the world. 
Sinotruck has taken technical innovation as an important strategy to take part in international competition. By cooperating with MAN, SINOTRUK is able to absorb, digest and improve the world-leading technology. Dumpers and tractors that have high added-value seize the market very soon. In Q1 2017, only heavy truck export itself generates revenue of 1.8 billion RMB, up by 21% year on year. 

Chairman of SINOTRUK Ma Chunji says: “The first goal we set is to make up a market share of 2/3 and 1/3 at home and abroad respectively. Our next goal will be to increase our market share to 1/2 inside China and 1/2 internationally. We will continue to take the lead in Chinese commercial vehicle industry and keep pace with world-leading level.”  


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