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30 Units Qingling Isuzu Heavy-duty Trucks Delivered to Customers

On September 27, a grand ceremony was held in Guangzhou to mark the delivery of 30 units 6X4 Qingling Isuzu heavy-duty trucks to their customer from Shaoguan Sanhexing Transport Co., Ltd.

30 Units Qingling Isuzu Heavy-duty Trucks Delivered to Customers

Jointly developed by Qingling and Isuzu, the heavy-duty trucks are especially designed for Chinese market. After making their official debut at Shanghai International Auto Show in the mid April this year, the vehicle has attracted wide media and public attention.

Equipped with 15.68L Isuzu 6W engine, Qingling Isuzu heavy-duty truck boasts a horsepower ranging from 350 to 520. In addition, the vehicle achieves impressive fuel economy and requires little fees for repair and maintenance.(


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