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Five Major Events in Cummins in 2017

1) Cummins and Eaton (EYN in New York Stock Exchange) jointly set up Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Gearbox Co., Ltd., which is specialized in providing highly automated transmission gearboxes for commercial vehicle market.
Five Major Events in Cummins in 2017

2) Cummins launched cooperation programs with GILLIG LLC in developing electric vehicles. Soon, Cummins new generation electric driving system will be put on zero-emission buses made by GILLIG.

3) In 2017, Cummins again made on the list of Most Morally Responsible Enterprises in the World, which was compiled by Ethisphere. So far, it has made its way to the list for ten consecutive years.

4) Cummins was elected as the Top 50 Enterprises with Diverse Corporate Cultures in the World. It is the eleventh year for the company to enter the List. Among the 1,000 candidates, Cummins ranked the 21st place in 2017.

5) Cummins entered Dow Jones North American Sustainable Development Index List, showing its strong sustainability. (


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