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Yuchai Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GDA

The strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Yuchai Group and Guangdong Agribusiness Group Corporation (GDA) kicked off in Yulin on the morning of February 5, marking the launch of the strategic cooperation on W-APE (an integrated trading center of agricultural and sideline products in Maoming, West Guangdong). Gu Tangsheng, President of Yuchai Group, and Zhi Guangnan, Deputy Secretary of CPC Party Leadership Group and General Manager of GDA signed the strategic cooperation agreement under the witness of the leading groups of both sides respectively headed by Yan Ping, Chairman of Board of Directors of Yuchai Group, and Chen Shaoping, Secretary of CPC Party Leadership Group, Chairman (Director General) of Guangdong Agribusiness Group Corporation (Farms and Land Reclamation Administration).
Yuchai Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GDA

The strategic cooperation focuses on the complementation of agricultural projects including W-APE. The win-win cooperation will be a valuable opportunity for Yuchai to promote the development of W-APE, the key livelihood project of Guangdong province, by virtue of the rich resources and extensive agricultural experience of GDA, thus allowing Yuchai to expand industry and boost the modern agricultural development.

At the symposium, Yan Ping pointed out that the one-year in-depth communication which adhered to the concept of respect, honesty, and sincere cooperation laid the solid foundation for the cooperation. The sign of the agreement officially started the cooperation. As state-owned enterprises sharing similar cultures, the two parties should fulfill the responsibility and mission of stated-owned enterprises taking the advantages of the brands and development platforms in order to revitalize assets and pursue further development of green and healthy agriculture.

Chen Shaoping indicated that GDA with the present in mind stuck to the open-minded and inclusive idea and solved problems from the far-reaching perspective during the communication. GDA has solidified the friendship with Yuchai and hopes to facilitate the complementation of agricultural projects, such as W-APE, and to realize mutual benefits and win-win results with joint efforts by the lights of the strategic cooperation.

Before the signing ceremony, the management teams of Yuchai and GDA watched the flag-raising ceremony at the Yuchai Power Square, experiencing the military training-featured enterprise culture of Yuchai. The group headed by Chen Shaoping inspected Foundry Business Department, Manufacturing Business Department, the Test Center of Engineering Research Institute and Yuchai’s rapid manufacturing base with the company of Gu Tangsheng. The field investigation deepened the group’s understanding of the production and R&D capacity and enterprise culture of Yuchai and reinforced their confidence in the cooperation.

GDA originally comes from the South China Farms and Land Reclamation Administration and the Production and Construction Corps of Guangzhou Military Region in the 1950s and 1960s. They were transformed into Guangdong Agribusiness Group Corporation during the reform of provincial institutions. As one of the two enterprises directly under the Ministry of Agriculture, GDA specializes in the production and operation of natural rubber and sugarcane, the two pillar industries, and dairy industry, sisal hemp industry, and animal husbandry. Centering on the tropical agriculture industries in South Asia, GDA has established the cluster enterprise group with the coordinated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.


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