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CHMC Gets 2018 New Edition of Trago Launched in Chongqing

On March 6, 2018, CHMC held a promotion event for 2018 new edition of TRAGO in Chongqing. The managing director of CHMC Deng Yijun, and that of Chongqing Jilong, Fan Yunlong, logistics companies and users are all among the people who were present at the event.
2018 New Edition of CHMC Trago Launching in Chongqing

Powering 2018 New Edition of Trago is a third-generation POWERTEC engine. According to the company, it is capable of producing enough power to address the growing market demands for large power in delivery & freight industry. The engine is hooked up to an import ZF12 automatic transmission or national ZF16 manual transmission. There are there models available for 2018 new edition of Trago to offer more choice for local customers. CHMC chief said that a complete sales network across China has been established with over 100 distributors, 200 service outlets and 16 parts centers to provide convenience for customers in regions.

With a height of 1895mm, the cab of new 2018 Trago is spacious and comfortable. In addition, it offers enough storage space for long distance travel, as well as seven-inch LCD digital display with radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth and reversing video. The automatic transmission which located right under the multi-function switch, plus the ergonomic design of control centers layout, provides easy access to gearshift and some other operations.

At the promotion event, a lot of customers was granted the chance to feel in person the outstanding performance delivered by the new Trago. The new Trago is highly impressive and regarded for its comfortable, powerful and reliable performance. (


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