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Yuchai and Germany-based UST Jointly Set up Guangxi UST Sensor Technology Co.

On March 20, Guangxi UST Sensor Technology Co., Ltd., which are jointly invested by Yuchai and Germany-based UST Sensor, was officially established in Yulin, Guangxi. As a strategic move made by Yuchai to the high-end auto spare part industry, the establishment of the company will mark a huge step for Yuchai’s internationalization. Yan Ping, Chairman of the Board of Yuchai Group, and Olaf Keisewitt, were present at the ceremony to mark the occasion.
Yuchai and Germany-based UST Jointly Set up Guangxi UST Sensor Technology Co.

Pooling the investments from several parties, including Shanghai Xinyu Sensor Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongshi Heli Investment Co., Ltd., and a subsidiary of Yuchai Group, Chengxin Company, Guangxi UST Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing intelligent sensors for the high-end auto market, including high-temperature sensors, volume sensors for diesel engines and NOx sensors, pressure sensors, air quality sensors and sensors for passenger vehicles.

As a strategic partner of Yuchai, Germany-based UST is the second largest manufacturer of sensor chips, boasting formidable competitiveness in developing and producing air sensors and temperature sensors. By deepening its cooperation with UST, Yuchai hopes to further expand its market presence in the sensor industry. (


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