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SAIC Hongyan Debuts Wing-opening Truck in Shenzhen

Recently, SAIC Hongyan officially revealed Wing-opening truck in Shenzhen. Chiefly targeted at urban goods distribution and logistic services, Wing-opening truck achieves high fuel economy, high reliability and high safety standards.
SAIC Hongyan Debuts Wing-opening Van in Shenzhen

Equipped with Cursor 11 engine, 12-speed transmission gearbox, Hongyan 469 driving axle, a 45 foot trailer, Wing-opening truck is an ideal choice for urban logistic services. The vehicle can reach a maximum 450 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2,100 N.m. Boasting a maximum speed of 124km/h, it is highly adaptable in various working conditions.

In addition Wing-opening truck only consumes 185g/kw.h, which is 1-3% lower than that of its counterparts. Its wind drag has reduced to 0.533, reaching a very competitive level in the global market.

Having successfully passed 1.5 million kilometer road trial operation, Wing-opening truck is a high-performing vehicle for long-distance arterial route transportation.

In April, SAIC Hongyan sold 6,900 units vehicles, up by 68% year on year. For 16 consecutive months, the company’s sales growth has ranked the first place in the market. (


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