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FAW Jiefang J6P Dumping Trucks Set Splashes in Chongqing

On July 28, Chongqing Fengdu Fuxi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. held a promotional campaign in Fengdu, aiming to further strengthen the presence of FAW Jiefang J6P self-dumping truck equipped with Xichai Aowei 6DL3/M2 diesel engine.
FAW Jiefang J6P Dumping Trucks Set Splashes in Chongqing

Achieving National V Emission Standards, Xichai CA6DL3/M2 diesel engine has greatly improved its power performance, fuel economy, reliability and durability. It is an ideal choice for heavy-duty trucks in the high-end market.

With state-of-art four-valve technology and 200 MPa common rail system, Xichai CA6DL3/M2 diesel engine achieves more thorough combustion and thus better fuel economy.

During the promotional campaign, FAW Jiefang J6P self-dumping trucks attracted many customers in Chongqing, most of whom placed orders immediately or expressed their plans to make purchases in the near future.


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