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Dongfeng Captain Built for City Delivery

As part of modern logistics, city delivery has added a range of new features including “big varieties, small quantity, multiple batches and short cycle”. In such a new distribution mode, it seems to be very important to have a logistics vehicle with high efficiency. Dongfeng Captain with NISSAN power was such a vehicle born for city delivery and highly recognized since launching.

With NISSAN power, FAST transmission and Dona axle, it is able to produce higher efficiency for logistics transportation. The Captain range for different logistics delivery covers eight variants including van, tank truck, bed truck, stake truck, half-trailer truck and wing opening type box van.

The stabilizer bar has been fitted to reduce the possibility of rollover after the goods has been loaded when turning around or travelling on bumpy road.

Measuring in 4170*2300*2300, the Captain is capable of handling single goods volume of up to 222 .Furthermore, It is very secured and convenient with two posters fixed at the back and an optional five doors fitted in the 550mm high box van. Hydraulic tail plate, which is 1.1m away from the ground, also comes as an option to save both time and effort when loading.

By providing a good customer experience, Dongfeng Captain has become very popular in city delivery for its powerful engine, large volume and high efficiency. (


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