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CNHTC Self-driving Truck Starts Operation in Jinan

On January 22, Jinan 5G Internet-connected Vehicle Testing Program was held at the first internet-connected road in Shandong province. CNHTC’s L4 self-driving truck HOWO-T5G and special zone low-speed self-driving truck were put into operation on the road.
CNHTC Self-driving Truck Starts Operation in Jinan

On the back of CNHTC’s rich manufacturing experience in the vehicle industry, the two vehicles integrate the most advanced technologies, including the internationally competitive centrally controlled driving control systems.

Also on the day, the self-driving truck which was tested at Tianjin Port, were also put on display. With extremely eye-catching battery modules, four different sensors around its body, Beidou positioning system, laser radar, millimeter wave radar and cameras, the vehicle is able to work at night, in foggy, rainy and snowy weather conditions. When fully loaded, the truck is able to drive 120 kilometers continuously. In addition, it takes less than one hour for the vehicle to be fully recharged with electricity.


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