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Linglong Starts Building Serbia Tire Plant


Chinese tire maker Linglong on 29 and 30 March officially started the bulding of its European factory in the industrial zone of the Serbian city of Zrenjanin. The ceremony was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Company chairman and chief executive officer Wangfeng, as well as China’s ambassador to Serbia as well as national and local officials.

The plant is currently the largest foreign investment project in Serbia. A 393,660 square metre facility will be erected on the 130-hectare site in the Southeast industrial zone of Zrenjanin, and once completed the facility will be capable of producing 35,000 tyres daily.The plant anticipates to generates approximately annual revenues of US$600 million.

“Linglong’s arrival in Serbia is a great opportunity given by the openness and win-win of times,” stated Wang Feng during the partner conference. “We will live up to our expectations, ensure the rapid and high-quality construction of the project, strive for early production, and at the same time, Linglong will strengthen cultural exchanges and integration with Serbia, aiming to contribute to the establishment of a healthy, stable and sustainable economic and trade cooperation between China and Serbia.”


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