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Yuchai YC6K Engine Sales Grew by 30% in Q1

On April 16, Yuchai successfully secured an order of 200 units YC6K480 horsepower diesel powered engines for mining vehicles from XCMG.
Yuchai YC6K Engine Sales Grew by 30% in Q1

In the first quarter of 2019, Yuchai’s sales volume of YC6K series engine grew by 30%. Since it successfully launched YC6K series engines, including K11, K12, K13, K15, etc., Yuchai has been gaining a fast rising popularity in the heavy-duty engine market. So far, these engine products have already established a solid presence on engineering machinery and big horsepower mining vehicles.

Equipped with a number of advanced technologies, YC6K series engines generate little noise and vibrations and achieve much higher reliability and fuel economy. Even in some extremely demanding working environment, they still can work smoothly and deliver powerful performances.

According to Yuchai, YC6K engines can be widely used on mining vehicles, trucks for transporting dangerous chemicals, logistic vehicles, special sanitation vehicles, power generation at oil fields. Recently, a batch of Dongfeng commercial vehicles equipped with YC6K engines was exported to Peru for operation.


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