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36 Units XCMG Dumping Trucks Delivered to Pingzhuang Coal Mines for Operation

Recently, 36 units XCMG XG90 wide self-dumping heavy-duty truck were delivered to Pingzhuang Coal Mines in Inner Mongolia for operation.
36 Units XCMG Heavy-duty Trucks Delivered to Pingzhuang Coal Mines for Operation

Upon the customer’s requirements, all the vehicles are equipped with Weichai WP13G530E310 engines and Allison 4800 ORS_PR transmission gearboxes. Having upgraded driver’s cockpits with more advanced technologies and more travel comforts, these vehicles deliver powerful performances and achieve high reliability.

Considering the extremely low temperature in winter times, these vehicles have also introduced cold start-up systems to ensure their smooth operation and reliability. Thanks to their automatic lubricating systems, they have greatly lowered the maintenance work for operators. In addition, their emergency steering systems, automatic fire distinguishing systems, exhaust gas braking systems, and retarders have greatly increased their overall safety standards.

All these vehicles are also equipped with GPS, cameras, container lifting devices, hydraulic retarders, cleaning devices, LED lamps, etc.


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