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JAC Kangling J Series Truck Makes Debut in Hangzhou

On May 17, JAC Kangling J series trucks officially made their debut in Hangzhou, including the much-anticipated Kangling J6 truck with National V Emission Standards.
JAC Kangling J Series Truck Makes Debut in Hangzhou

Having made upgradings in several aspects, Kangling J6 is set to make big splashes in China’s light truck market. It has passed the most stringent collision test in Changchun, fully demonstrating its high reliability.

Equipped with Dewei D25 engine with National V Emission Standards, Kangling J6 reaches a maximum torque of 360 N.m and a maximum 143 horsepower. Boasting competitive accelerating and climbing capabilities, the truck is mounted with WLY six-speed transmission gearbox.

Kangling J6 has a cargo tank measuring 4,180 mm in length, 2,300 mm in width and 2,200 mm in height. Thus, its tank boasts a total space of 21 cubic meters, improving its loading capacity by 10%.

According to JAC, it also put several trucks with National VI Emission Standards on display in Hangzhou.


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