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SHACMAN X3000 Trucks Operate Smoothly in Zambia

As a landlocked country located in southeast of African continent, Zambia borders eight countries and owns a significant strategic position. Long-distance cross-border transportation is the major means for the flow of agricultural produce and industrial goods. To suit the market, Shaanqi has been relentlessly marketing SHACMAN X3000 trucks.

From May 30 to June 10, Shaanqi and Xi’an Cummins jointly hold a series of promotional activities across Zambia, providing a great opportunity for local customers to take a closer look at SHACMAN X3000 trucks.

SHACMAN X3000 Trucks Operate Smoothly in Zambia

Visiting all major cities in the country, Shaanqi visited local truck operators. Along the journey, SHACMAN X3000 truck, equipped with Cummins ISM 420 horsepower engine, 16-speed transmission gearbox and single decelerating rear axle, aroused keen interest among the customers. Apart from delivering more powerful performances and achieving higher fuel economy and maneuverability, the truck also provides more travel comforts to truck drivers.

According to Shaanqi, it has been constantly building its spare parts warehouse and after-sales service network in the country, aiming to further strengthen its presence in Zambia.


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