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Dongfeng Cummins Rolls Out its 3,000,000th Unit Engines

On June 19, Dongfeng Cummins held a grand ceremony in Xiangyang to mark the assembly of its 3,000,000th unit engine and the debut of its engine products with National VI Emission Standards. Journalists from various media and customers witnessed the historical moment.
Dongfeng Cummins Rolls Out its 3,000,000th Unit Engines

In 2007, Dongfeng Cummins assembled its 1,000,000 unit engine; in 2013, its 2,000,000th unit engine went off the production line.

To date, 1,100 units Dongfeng Cummins engines with National VI Emission Standards have been assembled. Z14 engine, as the new generation products, represents a new historical height for the company in engine making. Equipped with a number of state-of-art technologies, the engine weighs only 1,000 kg and has a displacement of 14 liters. With a power range of 480-600 horsepower and a torque range of 2,400-2,750 N.m, the engine introduces the brand new U-shaped integrated post-treatment system and fully meets National VI (b) Euro VI (D) Emission Standards.

According to the engine maker, Z14 engine will complete its SOP in September this year and then can be available for OEM. By further improving vehicles’ reliability, power performance, safety standards, travel comforts, the new engine will significantly bring down the operating costs for bus and truck operators and fully meet their varied needs and requirements.


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