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Light Truck Sales for Logistics Services Continues to Grow Robustly

According to the statistics released by CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers), the top three players in China’s light truck market in May this year are BAIC Foton (31,974 units, up by 13.36% year on year), JAC (16,461 units, up by 14.83% year on year), and Dongfeng (15,222 units, up by 4.65% year on year). From January to May, China’s light truck sales reached 826,788 units, up by 2.66% year on year.
Light Truck Sales for Logistic Services Continues to Grow Robustly

From January to June this year, BAIC Foton sold 272,261 units vehicles, up by 3.76% year on year. In the same period, its sales volume of medium-sized trucks and light trucks reached 14,604 units and 180,213 units respectively, up by 186.07% and 13.51% respectively. In addition, the company’s sales volume of new energy vehicles jumped by 140.79% year on year, reaching 3,530 units,

In June, it sold 1,846 units medium-sized trucks, up by 91.3% year on year; it sold 31,121 units light trucks, up by 5.7% year on year.

Despite the lackluster auto market, the demand for light trucks used for logistics services continue to grow robustly, according to Zhang Qiang, an analyst in the auto market.


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