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Jiefang Light Truck Hu VR Makes its Debut

On July 10, a press conference was held in Chengdu to mark the debut of Hu VR light truck made by FAW Jiefang. Weighing only 1.7 tons, the vehicle is readily able to meet diversified demands of customers involved in transporting daily necessities, construction materials, etc.
Jiefang Light Truck Hu VR Makes its Debut

Equipped with Quanchai 4A2-88C50 engine, Hu VR light truck boasts a maximum power of 65 kilowatts (88 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 240 N.m. Thanks to the use of WLY 5-speed transmission gearbox, the vehicle is able to cut its fuel consumption by half for every 100 kilometers.

With the help of internet of vehicles, Hu VR light truck can enjoy a whole package of services, including quick troubleshooting, service reservations, vehicle management, etc.

Jiefang Light Truck Hu VR Makes its Debut


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