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SAIC Hongyan Received Safety Heavy-duty Truck Award

On November 5, the first edition of Truck Safety Report was officially released in Beijing. Compiled by arious organizations, the report is the result of the hard work of many truck experts and journalists in the industry.
SAIC Hongyan Won Safety Heavy-duty Truck Award

SAIC Hongyan was awarded Safety Heavy-duty Truck on the same day. As the driver’s cockpit is the most vulnerable place in accidents, SAIC Hongyan heavy-duty truck adopts a particularly strong driver’s cockpit with impressive resilience to huge collision forces. Its four-point suspension design and cockpit back-sliding technology help the whole cockpit slide back 500 mm at most, significantly lowering the impacts to truck drivers when accidents occur.

SAIC Hongyan Won Safety Heavy-duty Truck Award

In addition, SAIC Hongyan heavy-duty trucks are equipped with a host of advanced technologies, including LDWS, FCWS, PCWS, Tyre Temperature & Pressure Monitoring System, keeping all safety risks at bay and significantly improving the vehicle’s overall safety standards.


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