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Dongfeng Rolls Off M9T Engine in China


On November 19, 2019, the first engine specially developed for ligh-duty truck application, M9T engine, roll off the production line at Dongfeng Light-Duty Power Co., Ltd.

The introduction of M9T engine provides an extensive selection for customers and offers a Dongfeng 2.0-litre diesel engine now available. DFAC is currently using Dongfeng Light-Duty Power Co., Ltd as a strategic base and global powertrain plant for the Renault-Nissan Alliance to produce light-duty engines.

“In the face of increasingly fierce competition in light-duty engine, Dongfeng aims to overcome the competition by combining Renault-Nissan’s technical resources and Dongfeng’s market advantage. To accomplish this, we develop and optimize our products and services , together with our customers , so that we can add value for our customers and contribute more to the construction of local economy “ said Guotao, the secretary of the party committee of DFAC.

As one of the world’s leading small diesel engines, M9T engine was developed by Renault together with Nissan. It has been designed to deliver high power output and fuel efficiency with low noise for pickup, SUV, MPV and high-end light-duty commercial vehicle applications.

Dongfeng Light-duty Power had invested 1.133 billion Yuan in the project of M9T engine to build an intelligent production line in compliance with Renault-Nissan Alliance’s ASL standard and national intelligent manufacturing standard.

Today, the construction of the intelligent production line has already been completed, transforming Dongfeng Light-duty Power into an automatic, information-based and high-quality modern plant in China. All the operation including placing orders, getting after-sales support and manufacturing process can be finished and managed through an information-based value chain system.

In the future, Dongfeng Light-duty Power will continue to deepen technological innovation, focus on brand construciton, and further explore the effective combination of intelligent, information technology with engine’s life cycle to create more value for customers around the world.


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