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Hongyan Tractor Sales Jump 228 Percent in January

According to the latest statistics, a total of 116.6 thousand heavy-duty trucks were sold in January, with a year-on-year increase of 18 percent. Among them, around 63.6 thousand tractors were sold, up 51 percent from a year earlier. Hongyan reported a year-on-year increase of 228 percent, the highest rate.
Hongyan Tractor Sales Jump 228 Percent in January

As the first joint venture to develop heavy trucks in China, SAIC Hongyan has launched a series of tractors for applications in long-distance and efficient logistics, port containers, express delivery, hazardous chemicals, coal, and heavy-duty transportation using international advanced technology on the basis of actual road conditions and stringent regulations in China. Equipped with Cursor series engines, SAIC Hongyan trucks deliver powerful performances and thus can meet requirements of working conditions in many sectors.

Hongyan Tractor Sales Jump 228 Percent in January


With the implementation of national six emissions standard, SAIC Hongyan has launched its GENLYON C6 series trucks. To offer more options for customer to choose, both LNG and diesel engines are available for GENLYON C6 series trucks.

Hongyan has continued to step up innovation in the field of autonomous driving by taking the lead in China to launch its 5G intelligent autonomous heavy-duty trucks. Currently, Hongyan is committed to taking a step further on this project and demonstrating the research capacity and speed of Chinese Wisdom.


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