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30 ISZ-powered Dongfeng KL Tractors Were Delivered to Customer

On May 6, 2020, a delivery express company based in Xiamen received the delivery of 30 Dongfeng KL Tractors with ISZ Engines to expand its business area.

Established in 2017, the delivery express company is mainly focused on the transportation of goods like agricultural products, express delivery and Electronic products. In partnership with China Post Logistics (Fujian) Co., Ltd, SF and Xiamen agricultural and food fair, the company has travelled its route between Fujian and Chengdu, Fujian and Beijing and within Fujian province and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.

According to the customer, they had bought 18 units of trucks powered by ISZ engines between 2017 and 2019. To their personal experience, these trucks with ISZ engines are superior to others in that it only consumes 28L fuel per one hundred kilometers and no overhaul repari occurs as of now. As many other logistics cutomers, they pay most attention to performances like low fuel consumption and high reliability while choosing a truck. These are exactly the reason why they place the order for 30 units of Dongfeng KL tractors with ISZ engines. We believe that these Dongfeng KL tractors equipped with ISZ engines will make more profit for their customer in future.

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